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A “perpetual synodal” (“walking together”) Church? What could go wrong?

From the National Catholic Register (the Catholic paper, not the other one, the Fishwrap). Pope Francis announced on Sunday that the Synod (“walking together”) on Synodality (“walking together”) will be extended to 2024. Speaking in his Angelus address on Oct. … Read More

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Two notes about the late Card. Martini (R.I.P.)

Carlo Maria Card. Martini, SJ, died.  I have little to say about him.  However, I found in our Catholic blogosphere two comments on his death which are useful. By way of introduction, in early August Card. Martini did an interview … Read More

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A cardinal’s diary recording the 2005 conclave?

The intrepid Andrea Tornielli on his Vatican Insider of the Italian daily La Stampa has a story about a “diary” kept during the 2005 conclave which elected Benedict XVI. If there really is a diary, then the conclavist, if he … Read More

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