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Card. Pell gave a talk at the London Oratory – VIDEO

His Eminence George Card. Pell gave a fascinating and multifaceted talk at the London Oratory recently.  A friend of mine made a video, which he placed on YouTube.   He talks about his experiences. However, at the Q&A time, Damian Thompson … Read More

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BOOK RECEIVED: Card. Pell’s – Prison Journal, Volume 2: The State Court Rejects the Appeal

I received the second volume of George Card. Pell’s “prison journal”. I am nearly finished working my way through the first volume. It is inspiring.  I read a little each night and reflect on my own lot.  It’s humbling. This … Read More

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One year ago, today: Card. Pell acquitted

At the National Catholic Register there is a piece about the exoneration of His Eminence George Card. Pell.   He was falsely accused of sexual abuse and unjustly imprisoned for 400 days.  Eventually, he was freed by the Australian High Court. … Read More

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Becciu accused of bribing witnesses against Card. Pell using $1.14m of Vatican funds

This is important. BTW… the Cardinal’s name is pronounced like “bétchoo”. #BREAKING A senior Catholic cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu has been accused of using $1.14m of Vatican funds to bribe witnesses to secure a sex abuse conviction against rival Cardinal … Read More

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TE DEUM! Card. Pell is a FREE MAN! Australia’s High Court unanimously OVERTURNED his conviction.

UPDATE 7 April: Barrister Neil Addison analyzes the Pell verdict at the Catholic Herald.  HERE And this video has a good summary of how absurd the charges against Pell were and how the entire establishment went for him with knives, … Read More

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CNA: “This is not the first low-quality document the Synod secretariate has produced”

Firstly, there is a MUST LISTEN to podcast from Damian Thompson about Card. Pell’s railroading into jail.  HERE  Take the time. Next, at CNA there is a piece in which Card. Pell comments on the Instrumentum Laboris for the upcoming Pan-Amazonian … Read More

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8 October – Thoughts about the Synod at this point

It seems that His Eminence George Card. Pell made a statement from the floor suggesting that the composition of the group appointed to write the Final Report was not all that it could be. It seems that, then, the Pope … Read More

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Hit job on Card. Pell because he’s doing his job

His Eminence George Card Pell was appointed by Pope Francis to oversee cleaning up the finances of the Holy See. He is doing his job. And so as Pell drills into the financial corruption and is getting closer to the … Read More

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The knives that were out for Card. Burke, are now being sharpened for…

Marco Tosatti, more and more a guy to follow in the Italian press for analysis of churchy things, has a piece at La Stampa about Card. Pell and how things are going in the Curia. I don’t have time to translate … Read More

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Rome – Day 4: No Show Edition

I have been running uninteresting errands… except for one. As you may know the Summorum Pontificum pilgrimage is underway. Card. Pell was to be celebrant at Ss. Trinità. Card. Pell is ill. Some wags here are suggesting that he has … Read More

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VIDEO: Card. Pell speaks on a ‘secular agenda’, the Relatio, the “stalking horse”

His Eminence George Card. Pell about the Relatio and the debate over releasing it. He calls Communion for divorced and remarried a “stalking horse” and homosexuality. He speaks about the first form of the Relatio. This is great stuff. Pause, … Read More

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Card. Kasper accused other Cardinals of attacking the Pope

Card. Kasper, the proponent of the “tolerated by not accepted” solution, has been reacting all over the Italian secular press today.  He is “surprised” at the appearance of the “Five Cardinals” Book™. His Eminence is flummoxed that he should be … Read More

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Spectator’s hard-hitting commentary on pontificate of Pope Francis

At The Spectator there is a must read piece by Damian Thompson for anyone who is puzzled about what Pope Francis may be up to, especially in regard to the Roman Curia. Here is an excerpt with my emphases: […] As … Read More

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Card. Pell: Holder of Vatican purse strings, celebrant of Traditional Roman Rite

Sandro Magister at Settimo Cielo has a piece about the ever more influential Card. Pell, who has control of Vatican purse strings. Magister’s piece, in Italian, opens with a mention of the upcoming Coetus Internationalis Summorum Pontificum 23-25 October. I … Read More

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Francis Pellverizes™ the Roman Curia

As you know, Pope Francis set up a Secretariat for the Economy (SftE) and has appointed Card. Pell to head it up.   Since this Secretariat will control money it will, if it gets off the ground, be very powerful.  This … Read More

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Pope Francis creates financial watchdog dicastery headed by Card. Pell: Secretariat for the Economy

Behold the genesis of the SE. My spidey-sense tells me that this new structure could be a strong counter-balance to the power of the Secretariat of State, which Paul VI put on steroids and developed into the Curia’s hyper-dicastery (which … Read More

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Card. Pell on the SSPX and Pope Francis

Vatican Insider has an interview with Card. Pell, who is one of the Gang of 8. In this interview the cardinal comments on the recent meeting of the Council of Cardinals with Francis, the reform of the Roman Curia, and … Read More

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Card. Pell about liberal media on Pope Francis and use of media in the future

I have been saying from Day 2 of Pope Francis’ pontificate that, eventually, the liberal MSM (and ‘c’atholic media as well) would turn on Francis once they figured out he isn’t on their side of their pet issues. I read … Read More

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Anti-Catholic MSM and their pre-Conclave yellow journalism

I think you can all find examples of how the liberal, anti-Catholic MSM, published or broadcast stories on the eve of the Conclave – stories held back until the eve of the Conclave – to hurt the Church and certain … Read More

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Retired Australian Bp. Robinson says he would break Seal of Confession, trashes Card. Pell

This, from UCANEWS make me angry: Pell does not speak for the whole Church says retired bishop The retired bishop, Geoffrey Robinson, says he would be prepared to break the seal of confession in order to report sexual abuse.  [?!?] … Read More

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