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Disturbing short film “The Confession” that somehow won Catholic award

I was sent the link to a short film that, apparently, won and award at the International Catholic Film Festival in 2017. Fail. It starts with some good point.  Never mind that the priest is not wearing a purple stole: … Read More

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Libs should be tied to chairs and forced, to their shame, to watch this film about migrant workers

Tonight I watched The Last Train Home. UK link HERE Long-time readers here know that I keep an eye on Chinese films.  This is a documentary about the 130+ million migrant workers in China who strive to return home for the … Read More

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An intriguing parish project

I like hearing about people who see a problem and don’t wait for someone else to do something about it. A parish in Georgia is trying to get a film project going. HERE

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If Easter is coming, it time to bash the Catholic Church.

Remember… if Easter is near, its the season to bash the Catholic Church. Before Easter and before the beatification of Pope John Paul we are seeing the uptick in anti-Catholic gestures saved up by the MSM precisely for this period. … Read More

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Film about confession up for an Oscar?

From Headline Bistro.  I have not seen this movie. Hollywood Goes to Confession: The Hollywood glitterati aren’t  leaving religion at the door this Oscar season. In fact, they might award it. You see, buried in the Oscar nominations this year … Read More

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