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REVIEW: The Nightingale – Wherein Fr. Z suggests good movies

I’m a fan of Chinese cinema. I’m sort of a fan of French cinema.  With the help of Netflix today, to the accompaniment of stir fried pork and vegetables I watched a Chinese-French film (in China, on Chinese themes, by … Read More

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Seven and Seven Sunday

No, not the 7 & 7 you are probably thinking about. Movie remakes. Remakes of movies are a tradition of sorts. Some work. Some don’t. For example, a while back I watched the 1959 Ben Hur with Charlton Heston, in preparation … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Sick at home in bed movie list

From a reader: QUAERITUR: I am home sick with bronchitis and have been passing the day away sleeping and watching movies, which got me thinking when I visited your blog. If you had a top 10 movie list of your … Read More

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Libs should be tied to chairs and forced, to their shame, to watch this film about migrant workers

Tonight I watched The Last Train Home. UK link HERE Long-time readers here know that I keep an eye on Chinese films.  This is a documentary about the 130+ million migrant workers in China who strive to return home for the … Read More

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My present reading list

Someone wrote to ask what I am reading these days.   A while back all my sidebar widgets mysteriously disappeared and I haven’t gotten around to rebuilding the widget that had links to a few books and movies I have … Read More

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An intriguing parish project

I like hearing about people who see a problem and don’t wait for someone else to do something about it. A parish in Georgia is trying to get a film project going. HERE

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WDTPRS POLL: Movie credits

Given that during the summer many new movies are released, and given that these releases are often on Friday, here is a WDTPRS POLL about your movie viewing habits. Feel free to comment in the combox!

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