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Fr. Z kudos for a great idea about abandoned churches

Everyone… look at this great idea! Concept: a religious order whose charism is breaking, urbex-style, into abandoned churches and organizing a pop-up Solemn High Mass there, complete with every liturgical detail and sparing no expense, ennobling and reconsecrating the sacred … Read More

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Juxtaposition: Demolition of churches

At the UK’s best Catholic weekly, the Catholic Herald I saw two stories side by side. First, the sad tale of the purposeful demolition of a large church in Germany for the sake of expansion of coal-mining.  HERE Sad photos … Read More

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No, this isn’t a war zone.

I saw a piece at the Daily Mail with beautifully horrible photos of wrecked and run-down church in Philadelphia.   HERE Here is one of them. No, this isn’t a war zone (technically, at least). First, Our Lord promised that, … Read More

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You may weep.

A reader sent me a link to a photo-story on HuffPo. This is so sad.  You may actually weep with sorrow, anger, frustration. The photo-story is of abandoned churches. Even in their disheveled ruin they are still more beautiful than … Read More

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Request to readers: churches closing, moving church buildings

I remember reading a story about the moving of a large church building in the USA, from the north to the south.  I can’t remember the details, but I am sure one of you will. Let’s imagine together for a … Read More

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