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D. Albany: Large old church for sale – $100,000

It isn’t that unusual these days to see that churches are for sale, some of them splendid, all of them once beloved, paid for with the pennies and tears of generations that entrusted their mites to the diocese.  It’s sad. … Read More

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Fr. Z kudos for a great idea about abandoned churches

Everyone… look at this great idea! Concept: a religious order whose charism is breaking, urbex-style, into abandoned churches and organizing a pop-up Solemn High Mass there, complete with every liturgical detail and sparing no expense, ennobling and reconsecrating the sacred … Read More

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Juxtaposition: Demolition of churches

At the UK’s best Catholic weekly, the Catholic Herald I saw two stories side by side. First, the sad tale of the purposeful demolition of a large church in Germany for the sake of expansion of coal-mining.  HERE Sad photos … Read More

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No, this isn’t a war zone.

I saw a piece at the Daily Mail with beautifully horrible photos of wrecked and run-down church in Philadelphia.   HERE Here is one of them. No, this isn’t a war zone (technically, at least). First, Our Lord promised that, … Read More

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You may weep.

A reader sent me a link to a photo-story on HuffPo. This is so sad.  You may actually weep with sorrow, anger, frustration. The photo-story is of abandoned churches. Even in their disheveled ruin they are still more beautiful than … Read More

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Request to readers: churches closing, moving church buildings

I remember reading a story about the moving of a large church building in the USA, from the north to the south.  I can’t remember the details, but I am sure one of you will. Let’s imagine together for a … Read More

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