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Wherein Fr. Z is disgusted

I received this from a reader, photos and text. First, some photos. It’s good to go to confession at this time of the year, please consider doing so.  If it has been many years, no worry, just ask the priest … Read More

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PLEASE get rid of “reconciliation rooms”!

At Crisis there is an article which argues for the end of “reconciliation rooms”.  I have always called them “lawsuit rooms”. I’ve been arguing for this ever since I could argue anything.   I think he over plays a particular issue but, … Read More

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If you build confessionals, people will come … and use them

At Religion News Service there is something about confession and confessionals. Putting real confessionals in churches… that’s what I call promoting the New Evangelization. Let’s have a look at this excellent brick by brick story. DERBY, Conn. (RNS) The Rev. … Read More

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REQUEST TO PRIESTS (or others… maybe carpenters) about confessionals

From a priest: I hope you can help me out. I’m seeking this for those I know… I’m looking for detailed plans to construct a traditional, screen only, soundproof confessional, priest in the middle, a penitent on either side, with … Read More

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QUAERITUR: no confessionals and no confession times

From a reader: I am requesting help re: the application of Canon 964.2 and 986.1 [which concerns the Seal]. The parish has been the host of a monthly homeschool Mass for a group from all over ____ for a few … Read More

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