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GIRM WARS: Another front opens in Iowa

When the 2000 GIRM was issued (now usually cited as 2002 GIRM because it is in the 2002 Missale Romanum), a question was put to the Congregation for Divine Worship: Can a bishop, in his role as moderator of the Sacred Liturgy in … Read More

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D. DAVENPORT: 9 July – TLM and Presentation: “Thomas More’s Martyrdom and the Rule of Law”

Recently we have seen the Rule Law trampled upon.  It was trampled and then the tramplers tramped back and retrampled it.  That’s the way things are going in these USA now, my friends. Now, more than ever, do we need … Read More

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Dust up in the Diocese of Davenport

This is a really interesting story. [wp_youtube]dPE1EbWlzac[/wp_youtube]

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