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NEW BOOK on St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher!

How does the phrase go from… is it Kipling?… if you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs and blaming it on you…. Something like that.  It describes rather aptly these days how tradition-oriented Catholics  are … Read More

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22 June (Novus Ordo): St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More

In the Church’s traditional calendar St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More have their  feasts on 9 July.  More was martyred on 6 July and Fisher on 22 June.  In the Novus Ordo calendar they are celebrated today, together. Pope … Read More

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Canonist Ed Peters on trying Gov. Andrew “the Ghoul” Cuomo for heresy. Fr. Z makes some observations.

When I was travel back to these USA from Tokyo, I was addressed by fellow travelers about Gov. Cuomo.  “When is he going to excommunicated?”  They were really angry. People are angry.  Rightly so.  They want action, not words, from … Read More

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6 July 1535: St. Thomas More’s ‘dies natalis’

Today is the anniversary of the martyrdom of St. Thomas More, killed by the monstrous Henry VIII in 1535. I direct the readership’s attention to a super article at Public Discourse by Matthew Mehan on the last and often misquoted … Read More

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D. DAVENPORT: 9 July – TLM and Presentation: “Thomas More’s Martyrdom and the Rule of Law”

Recently we have seen the Rule Law trampled upon.  It was trampled and then the tramplers tramped back and retrampled it.  That’s the way things are going in these USA now, my friends. Now, more than ever, do we need … Read More

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Krauthammer on “Wolf Hall”

I have seen the whole series Wolf Hall via BBC. I entirely agree with Charles Krauthammer at WaPo: “Wolf Hall,” the Man Booker Prize-winning historical novel about the court of Henry VIII — and most dramatically, the conflict between Thomas … Read More

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Closely related to the biretta…

For your Just Too Cool file. I noticed this during the stomach turning broadcast of the President’s inauguration, but here is a post with a photo.  Check out First Things: Kevin Walsh of the University of Richmond School of Law writes: … Read More

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Archbp. Chaput on St. Thomas More in light of Obamacare

In the light of the Obama Administration’s attack on our religious freedom, this piece deserves wide circulation: A Man for This Season, and All Seasons by Charles J. Chaput within Religion and the Public Square December 19th, 2012 There is … Read More

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6 July: anniversary of an exceptional death

From the 2005 Martyrologium Romanum: 9. Londinii in Anglia, passio sancti Thomae More, qui vigesima secunda iunii una cum sancto Ioanne Fisher commemoratur.  

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PODCAzT 131: Ratzinger on Conscience and Truth – Part 2

In 1991 Joseph Card. Ratzinger gave a talk to American Bishops called “Conscience and Truth”. This talk is useful today, especially in the context of two major controversies that are going on as I write, namely, the defense of the … Read More

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Catholics and Public Life: toward a response to Pres Obama’s Act of Supremacy

There is a thought provoking piece at The Catholic Thing by Fr. James Schall, SJ, a professor at Georgetown.  He muses about a future in which we will have to withdraw from participation in public life, or at least in … Read More

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“the risk of a despotism freed from every fetter”

The other day I stood at the place where King Henry VIII was born.  I recall the exhibit at the British Library a couple years back for the centenary of the coronation of that King.  On the way into the … Read More

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