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Seriously? Chow Mein Sandwich?

You know about efforts to revive and restore the Church of St Anne in Fall River.  Good things are happening. I received a note from one of the fellows involved.  It seems that at $5 a shot they made $7500 … Read More

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Amazing results in the saving of St. Anne’s beautiful shrine in @FRDiocese

Remember the story some time ago about the beautiful Shrine of St. Anne in Fall River, MA, that was scheduled for closure? It looked grim for the magnificent church. A group of lay people got organized, worked something out with … Read More

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Historic church, rescued from demolition, to reopen in @FRDiocese

Do you recall the post about saving a spectacularly beautiful church, a shrine to St. Ann, in Fall River, MA?  Miracles have been granted there. A lot has happened since I posted that.   One thing that happened is that a … Read More

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“It is just a building.” – UPDATE: Like Planned Parenthood selling off baby parts.

UPDATE 5 Nov 2018: Here’s the deal.  I’ve been thinking about this demolition thing.  It’s not just a matter of demolishing a church and then selling the property. What happens is that scavenger experts come in and inventory all the … Read More

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Saving a heritage church in Fall River

In the near future, we will face more church closures.  Some won’t be that much of a loss.  Some, however, are part of our patrimony, lovingly built by our forebears, irreplaceable. I bring to the readerships attention the plight of … Read More

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“as the churches come down all around me”

Churches come and churches go.  They are means to an end.  When there is need for a church, a church is built.  When there is no need – or these days no desire – for a church, the church falls … Read More

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Homosexualists threaten parish for standing up for true marriage

A press release from The Catholic Action League: THREATS AGAINST CATHOLIC CHURCH IN ACUSHNET A Catholic parish in the Diocese of Fall River [Massachusetts] has become the object of threats of violence, and vandalism, because of a sign posted on church … Read More

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