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“If great big bishops will not guard the noble deposit, then it may be time to depose them.

At Crisis today there is a well-written, well-argued piece by Regis Martin which merits wide attention.  Share it. Does the Church No Longer Defend the Deposit of Faith? The writer laments that we are living in strange times: “Times in … Read More

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@DouthatNYT interviews Card. Burke

May I preface this by saying that I am still angry at the way former-cardinal-bishop-priest Theodore McCarrick was handled?  For his punishment he was made again a lay person?!?  REALLY?  Most of you reading this are lay people.  THAT’s a punishment?  And if the … Read More

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The Rite of Degradation From The Order of Priesthood. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

A while back I posted about the old Rite of Degradation of a Bishop, found even in rather modern editions of the traditional Pontificale Romanum.  I posted the text, some notes and my translation. The rites are provided for degrading an … Read More

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HISTORY: The Rite of Degradation of a Bishop

Something has been nagging me from the back of my mind today.  I finally, late in the evening just as I was about to turn in, dredged it up. One of my favorite Popes, Papa Lambertini, Pope Benedict XIV, was … Read More

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