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Wherein Fr. Hunwicke made me laugh.

Fr. Hunwicke has, at his indispensable blog, an informative piece which literally made me laugh. Father immediately drew my attentive reading through his title: “Papa Lambertini’s conundrum”. Papa Lambertini is, as you know, one of my favorites favourites among the … Read More

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“With all the priests, we pray: Save us, Lord, we perish!” A snippet from the new Benedict/Sarah book

A snip of the co-authored introduction from the new book, by Sarah and Benedict.   The book is offered “en hommage” to all the priests of the world. We thought in particular of priests. Our priestly heart wanted to comfort them, … Read More

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For the Latinists… amusement opportunity alert!

Those of you who read Latin could find some respite from the heat of the day by stepping with Fr. Hunwicke into the cool of the Ashmolean for a chat with the great Legislator, Pope Lambertini aka Benedict XIV, of … Read More

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HISTORY: The Rite of Degradation of a Bishop

Something has been nagging me from the back of my mind today.  I finally, late in the evening just as I was about to turn in, dredged it up. One of my favorite Popes, Papa Lambertini, Pope Benedict XIV, was … Read More

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Brief explanation of “heroic virtue” v. “ordinary virtue” in light of the new path to beatification.

Pope Francis, yesterday, issued a document by which he established a third iter or path for a process of beatification. Hitherto, in processes for beatification, unless one is determined to have been a martyr, it has been necessary for a “Servant … Read More

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10 September 1957 – Pius XII to Jesuits

A priest friend of mine sent me the text of an Allocution to Jesuits made by Pius XII on 10 September 1957 (AAS 49 – pp. 802-812).  I haven’t found it in English and I don’t have the time today … Read More

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NEW Fr. Z Swag Available: Pope BENEDICT XIV Lambertini (1740-1758)

The XIVth Popes are pretty impressive Pontiffs. We know and love Papa Ganganelli – Clement XIV of Happy Memory – in particular for his suppression of the Jesuits. But let us also consider the greatness of Papa Lambertini – Benedict XIV of especially Happy … Read More

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The bones of St. Augustine

Yesterday, I posted about the bones of St. Monnica, the mother of St. Augustine of Hippo.  Today we move to the mortal remains of her sainted son. Augustine died on 28 August 430. Sometime before the early 8th century, Augustine’s … Read More

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Benedict XVI’s sermon for the Easter Vigil

Pope Benedict’s sermon for the Vigil of Easter with extra paragraph breaks and my emphases and comments: Dear Brothers and Sisters, The liturgical celebration of the Easter Vigil makes use of two eloquent signs. First there is the fire that … Read More

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Benedict XIV

After the time I spent in a course from the Congregation for Causes of Saints, my fingers – mainly from muscle memory I think – tend to type Benedict XIV instead of Benedict XVI. Here is a wonderful painting of … Read More

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