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More nutty from a bishop. Yes, a German bishop.

At Novena News which leads to Kathpress.at we read: Bishop of Limburg Georg Bätzing made the observation about the Church’s oppression of women and boycott from ordained office in a New Year’s Eve message. The prelate admitted that he must “take seriously … Read More

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CRISIS: Keen analysis of the implosion of the German Church

At Crisis you will find a devastating article by a friend of mine, Msgr. Hans Feichtinger.   He look at recent statistics of abuse in the caput malorum omnium, the German Church and what German bishops are proposing to do. HERE … Read More

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German Bishop condones sacrilegious Communions

Libs do whatever they want, seemingly with impunity. The UK’s best Catholic weekly, the Catholic Herald, reports that the recently appointed Bishop of Würzburg has allowed all Protestants married to Catholics to receive Holy Communion at jubilee Masses for married … Read More

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A “puzzled” and “surprise” Card. Kasper is “furious”

You know how Communion in the hand was accomplished.  You know how the use of “altar girls” was achieved. Libs intentionally violate the law until the law is changed.  That’s what happened. Moreover, even the restraints and caveats in the … Read More

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Sort of good news from SCOTUS and from the CDF and Pope Francis.

UPDATE: Apparently, Card. Marx is “überrascht… surprised” by the letter from Rome. HERE What’s next? Will they play the money card? Did they play the money card yet? I’d bet that would wear pretty thin pretty quickly with this Pope. … Read More

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Card. Arinze: If you want Communion, become a Catholic

The simple but wise words of His Eminence Francis Card. Arinze, Cardinal Bishop of Velletri-Segni, have rung often of late in the ears of my mind.  He famously responded to a question about Communion for public figure who are manifestly … Read More

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Canadian Jesuit Archbp. Prendergast comments on crazy German bishops’ scheme

There are two kinds of Jesuits, and Ottawa’s Archbp. Terrence Prendergast is one of them. He recently said some things that make a lot of sense about the nonsensical German bishops and their deeply dopey move towards Communion for non-Catholics … Read More

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Those wacky Germans. At it again!

“Up?  No, that’s really Down”, they say.  “Black is white.”  “2+2=5” What?!?  You don’t see it?  Then you must either be a hater or you are afraid of something, or maybe you are incapable of loving.  Maybe you are stupid. … Read More

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German bishops on Communion: Discernment über alles!

My old friend Msgr. Hans Feichtinger has penned for First Things a piece about the German bishops. DISCERNMENT ÜBER ALLES The German bishops have announced that they will soon publish new guidelines for reception of the Holy Eucharist. [Because the old … Read More

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Great column on German confusion by Archbp. Chaput of @ArchPhilly … auf Deutsch! “Liebe, Klarheit, und ihr Gegenteil”

The other day I posted about a terrific column by Archbp. Chaput of Philadelphia in their diocesan newspaper. Wherein Archbp. Chaput wins the pastoral Super Bowl in @ArchPhilly The Archbishop wrote about, among other things, the confusion being caused right … Read More

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Head exploding juxtapositions (literal and figurative)

Here’s a jocular head exercise for the readership. Today I saw a video (sent by an old staffer of the COL Forum) about drone warfare. It’s terrifying. Watch this, please, and try not to freak out about the potential misuse … Read More

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ASK FATHER: CDW doc says don’t charge for concerts in church. German bishops charge.

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Dear Fr., in “Concerti nelle chiese” (1987) from the CDW, it says “si attenga, in ordine all’autorizzazione dei concerti, alle seguenti condizioni, che l’Ordinario del luogo potrà precisare: […] c) L’entrata nella chiesa dovrà essere libera e gratuita.” The … Read More

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Another Cardinal stands up to Card. Marx and German bishops:

His Eminence Kurt. Card. Koch, President of the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity (Card. Kasper’s old billet), has firmly rejected the progressivist notions which Card. Müller called “absolutely anti-Catholic”.  From LifeSite with my emphases and comments: Vatican cardinal tells German bishops: We can’t … Read More

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German bishops pushing hard to overturn the Church’s doctrine

Over at The Spectator, Damian Thompson has a good summary piece. He recaps what happened at the last Synod of Bishop, where controversy over the Kasper proposals about Communion for the divorced and civilly remarried dominated the proceedings. Damian is … Read More

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Will German bishops defy Rome, ignore teaching on indissolubility of marriage?

Iran, and other countries, are more than likely emboldened by the Obama-inflicted weakness of these USA. They will be flexing their muscles, sure that the President won’t do anything. In Germany, and probably other places, some bishops, emboldened by a … Read More

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VIDEO Horrific Sacrilegious “Mass”

This was a Swiss/German liturgical production from 2012. The video was just brought to my attention. The worst liturgical sacrileges I have seen in recent times are perpetrated by German speakers. If they puff up in high dudgeon about renovating … Read More

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