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CRISIS: Trad “recovery” conference!

All eyes are turning to S. Montana – a beautiful area to be sure – where tens of people might attend a special conference for those recovering from being traditional.   The Trad Recovery conference is for people who had bad experiences … Read More

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VIDEO: Dr. Janet Smith at the Coalition For Canceled Priests conference

I debated within myself attending this conference held near Chicago by the Coalition For Canceled Priests.  This talk makes me wish that I had. NB: Coalition FOR Canceled Priests not Coalition OF Canceled Priests. That means YOU.

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BOOK RECEIVED: Why Humanae Vitae Is Still Right!

I received a copy of the new and timely book edited by Janet Smith.  It is, right now, available for pre-order at what I assume is a reduced price. This is a collection of essays. Why Humanae Vitae Is Still … Read More

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Two book recommendations: on women in the Church and on homosexuals

Kids heading back to school? HERE  Heading back to college? HERE Need a Kindle? Yes, is the correct answer. HERE (UK HERE – try the new Paperwhite!) I have a couple book suggestions for you. The titles should let you know plenty about the … Read More

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