Two book recommendations: on women in the Church and on homosexuals

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Need a Kindle? Yes, is the correct answer. HERE (UK HERE – try the new Paperwhite!)

I have a couple book suggestions for you. The titles should let you know plenty about the topics.


I am just getting into them.

First, on the heals of the annual meeting of the LCWR with the Great Swirly, check out Monica Migliorino Miller’s The Authority of Women in the Catholic Church.  UK link HERE  She offers a view of the role of women that doesn’t fall into the trap that virtually all feminists fall into: the trap of seeing authority and roles as power.

Also, a treatment of a burning issue in our time, Living the Truth in Love: Pastoral Approaches to Same Sex Attraction by Janet Smith and Fr. Paul Check of Courage.  UK link HERE.

Get books! Read books. As the that great philosopher Groucho Marx said, “Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”

Unless you have a Kindle Paperwhite, I suppose.

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  1. iamlucky13 says:

    I’ve got mixed feelings about doing business with Amazon. It’s a fantastic shopping resource, but aside from the growing loss of the option to buy at family-owned local stores, they support many immoral causes, even if apparently in a disinterested bureaucratic fashion. Their CEO does so more deliberately, and was personally one of the largest donors to the campaign for the same-sex marriage referendum in his home state. However, the alternative shopping sources are often no better, so where does that leave us?

    There was also the recent decision of Amazon and others to remove just about any merchandise bearing a confederate flag, based only the presumption that any display of a confederate flag was intended to support slavery.

    I’d be surprised if there aren’t in the near future demands for Amazon to remove books like these.

    Of course, for books like these, one option is usually to ask a local Catholic bookstore to order them in for you, if they don’t have them.

    Also, both books are available directly from the publishers:

  2. Bea says:

    Thanks Father for the recommendations.
    I’m hoping and intending to get these for our Parish Bookstore.

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