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Another liberal writer turns on Pope Francis

The repulsively lefty Maureen Dowd has a piece in the Irish Times… it’s like a perfect storm, no?… in which she lays into Pope Francis. This is how the Liberal catholic Left will be talking about Francis before too long. … Read More

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Gov. Cuomo talks to Maureen Dowd. What could go wrong? Dr. Peters explains.

The Canonical Defender, Ed Peters, has another post about NY State Gov. Andrew Cuomo, aggressive promoter of contrary-to-nature unions.  Cuomo is, he claims, catholic. Dr. Peters doesn’t have an open combox on his excellent blog In The Light of the … Read More

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Make popcorn, then read! Ed Peter’s eviscerates Maureen Dowd.

The Canonical Defender, Prof. Ed Peters, has drawn the ire of the Id of the Washington Beltway, the atrabillious Maureen Dowd. My emphases and comments: Sunday, June 19, 2011 Oh no! Maureen Dowd doesn’t seem to like me! America’s 43rd … Read More

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Kathryn Jean Lopez (NRO) on Maureen Dowd (Hell’s Bible)

The present wave of attacks on the Church are being used by liberal activists both inside and outside the Church, both secularist and nominally religious, to promote two agenda items: the ordination of women and the abolition of clerical celibacy … Read More

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The enemy of my enemy?

The wonderful and persistent Anna Arco of England’s best Catholic weekly, The Catholic Herald, has an amusing observation about Mo Dowd’s Sunday contribution to anti-Catholic bigotry. Thus, Anna: It is a rare occasion that finds Fr John Zuhlsdorf of What … Read More

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The Nuns’ Story?

I predicted that the left would go into a grand mal twit. Today’s number of Hell’s Bible has the perfect example.  The New York Times continues to showcase Maureen Dowd, whom I stopped reading a long time ago.  But several … Read More

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