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Of Latin oddities

I can’t resist this one from Dr. Peters: Lighter fare: [thanks for the homage] can bad Latin save a papacy? by Dr. Edward Peters I got an odd one a few days ago (okay, I get lots of odd ones, … Read More

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“But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach a gospel to you besides that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema.”

First, pray for Thom Peters’ continued recovery. The well-known canonist, Thom Peter’s father, has a great post at his place, In The Light Of The Law.  My emphases and comments. About ‘women’s ordination’, what if Gabriel appeared and said… Except … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z concedes about the “one Mass for two obligations” theory

I have written a couple times (HERE and HERE) about the possibility of attending one Mass on Saturday evening of the day of the Immaculate Conception (a Holy Day of Obligation in these USA) and, thereby, of fulfilling also the … Read More

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“In the Light of the Law”

Dr. Ed Peters, the Canonical Defender, has migrated his excellency canon law blog from Blogger to WordPress.  Go check his new place out and spike his stats! Click HERE.

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Dr. Peters concerning the excomm’d Mercy Sister in Phoenix

I posted about the Mercy Sister in Phoenix who approved a direct abortion at a Catholic hospital. The local Bishop, confirmed that she had incurred an automatic excommunication. Then a story emerged that she, Sr. McBride, had been reconciled. I … Read More

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What do these words have in common: cathedraticum, dicastery, juridic, quinquennial, Referendary, Signatura, and vindicative

The Canonical Defender, Prof. Peters, at his excellent blog In The Light Of The Law, has this fun post: Taking Microsoft to canon law school This has never happened to me. I’m typing away on a canon law paper, just … Read More

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Gov. Cuomo talks to Maureen Dowd. What could go wrong? Dr. Peters explains.

The Canonical Defender, Ed Peters, has another post about NY State Gov. Andrew Cuomo, aggressive promoter of contrary-to-nature unions.  Cuomo is, he claims, catholic. Dr. Peters doesn’t have an open combox on his excellent blog In The Light of the … Read More

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Card. Burke on women covering their heads in church

The great Canonical Defender, Dr. Ed Peters has an interesting note on the use… here we go again… about women wearing head coverings in church. He has something from Cardinal Burke in the topic. But first, in a nutshell here … Read More

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Attention Priests, Canonists! 2011 Canon Law Conference at Shrine of O.L. Guadalupe

Last year I attended a Canon Law Conference at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe near LaCrosse, WI hosted by now-Card. Burke.  It was great! Card. Burke is again hosting a conference this year!  9-10 August. I received this … Read More

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Dr. Peters, Fishwrap, and non-excommunications

I have written about the great example set by Norma Jean Coon, who has rejected all involvement in the whole ordination of women thing.  I have also written about the Fishwrap writing on Mrs. Coons. Now Canonical Defender has jumped … Read More

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Dr. Peters on being “pastoral” v. being faithful

The great Ed Peters, Canonman, has offered on his blog In the Light of the Law some observations about the discussion of c. 915 and the Governor of New York. But first, I ask rhetorically… how many times have I … Read More

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Dr. Peters: indefatigable vivsectionist – CONTINUED and UPDATED

ORIGINAL: Published on: Feb 26, 2011 Dr. Ed Peters, canonist, may be able to add “indefatigable vivsectionist” to his CV if he keeps up this pace. A few days ago, he exposed problems in a statement from the Diocese of … Read More

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