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Mega-Masses and too many Hosts

I’m on the record as being, at the very least, skeptical about big outdoor Masses where throngs of people are expected to receive Holy Communion (no matter who they are).   There are… problems that arise from these expectations. One … Read More

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Is Communion now “we get the white thing in our hands and then we sing the song”?

There is a virus-like fixation pandemic in the Church today that everyone has to go to Communion at every Mass.  Therefore, even if there are people present manifestly in living in a state of mortal sin, spectacular contortions of doctrine … Read More

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BOLIVIA: Holy Communion from paper bags at papal mega-Mass?

For the most part, in recent times I have tuned out from the papal mega-Masses. However, I saw a report that at the mega-Mass in Bolivia, Holy Communion was distributed from paper bags. I was ready to believe that, since the … Read More

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Holy Communion at mega Mass in Manila – POLLS

This is how Holy Communion was distributed during the mega-Mass in Manila in 2015 Here is a poll. Anyone can vote, but you have to be a registered participant to comment.

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WYD: Holy Communion from disposable plastic cups at Mega-Mass

I have deep misgivings about mega-Masses.  Leaving aside the obvious problem of the effective range of a priest’s consecration, and leaving aside the problem of too many Hosts being consecrated, how can, I muse, Holy Communion be distributed to so … Read More

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