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WYD: Holy Communion from disposable plastic cups at Mega-Mass

I have deep misgivings about mega-Masses.  Leaving aside the obvious problem of the effective range of a priest’s consecration, and leaving aside the problem of too many Hosts being consecrated, how can, I muse, Holy Communion be distributed to so … Read More

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Mountaintop experiences matter, but they are not enough.

My constant drumbeat has been that for any effort of New Evangelization to bear long-lasting fruit, we must revitalize our sacred liturgical worship of God.  Nothing we do to renew the Church will last unless we get our liturgical house … Read More

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Your Excellencies? REALLY?!?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zo_1_WZ5DmA&feature=player_embedded Bis pueri senes? This is supposed to be a rehearsal of some sort.  I don’t know for which event. I really want to just smile and shrug this off.  I suspect this isn’t what Pope Francis meant when he … Read More

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What did Pope Francis really ask young people to do?

In his off the cuff address in the cathedral of Rio during WYD on Thursday, 25 July, the Pope told young people to make some chaos back home (“quiero lío en las diócesis”), to pay attention to the elderly, and … Read More

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¡Vaya lío!

The Holy Father, Pope Francis (or perhaps “Pope Lío“, hereafter), met with young people in the strange cathedral of Rio de Janiero on Thursday, 25 July.  He spoke in Spanish, entirely off the cuff.  Here is the official English translation … Read More

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Pope Francis on the Sacrament of Penance

Pope Francis in Rio, spoke to young people at the Copacabana beach. Inter alia, dixit: Dear young people: “Put on Christ” in your lives. In these days, Christ awaits you in his word; listen carefully to him and your heart … Read More

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The music you listen to can rot your brain, make you stupider and kill your soul.

One of my philosophy profs, a former Marine DI, told us that if everything that goes into our brains has no or little relation to reality, then we can’t expect to produce good and rational results.  We will be, in … Read More

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The cost of WYD

In Spain, before and during the World Youth Day gathering in Madrid, the secularist critics and enemies of God and His Church and – by most accounts- good taste, claimed that the cost of WYD was extravagant and wasteful and … Read More

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WYD and the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite

Via Eponymous Flower and Messa in Latino comes something from World Youth Day not covered by the mainstream Catholic media.  And one must ask why that is. My emphases: Traditionalist Bishops [Not the SSPX bishops. Bishops with actual faculties and … Read More

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MUST READ: Young person’s account of harassment and violence at WYD

Nolite mirari fratres si odit vos mundus. Wonder not, brethren, if the world hate you. 1 John 3:13 In Madrid during WYD the were no lack of twisted, benighted wing-nut protesters harrassing the pilgrims and young people. One of the … Read More

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Storm Interrupts Papal Address at Vigil: “Your Strength Is Greater Than the Rain”

From ZENIT: Storm Interrupts Papal Address at Vigil Pope to Youth: “Your Strength Is Greater Than the Rain” By Inma Álvarez MADRID, Spain, AUG. 20, 2011 (Zenit.org).- After the intense heat that has marked these days in Madrid, a sudden … Read More

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Remember: All it takes is a spark

Thomas Peters posted a few photos of anti-Catholic bigots in Spain harassing young Catholics at WYD. Here are two. Consider this well, friends. It could happen where you are.  It could happen to you.

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Hackers attack WYD website

From CNA: Hackers create problems for World Youth Day website By Alejandro Bermudez Madrid, Spain, Aug 19, 2011 / 10:13 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Issues with World Youth Day’s official website are due to hacking attempts, the event’s press office announced … Read More

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Benedict XVI to young people: “Let nothing and no one take away your peace; do not be ashamed of the Lord.”

When Benedict XVI arrived in Madrid, Spain for World Youth Day, he made a speech at the airport.  Here is the salient part of his address: […] Why has this multitude of young people come to Madrid? While they themselves … Read More

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Priests/confessors at WYD given authority to lift excommunication for abortion

Via Catholic World News: Priests hearing confessions at World Youth Day have been given the authority to lift the excommunication of penitents who have been involved in abortions. Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco Varela of Madrid granted that authority to all … Read More

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