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ACTION ITEM: Help a Catholic blogger colleague – UPDATED!

A long-time friend of this blog, whom I have also seen whenever I have visited London, the blogger of Mulier Fortis (aka Susan McLernon) needs a hand right now.  She has medical problems and financial stress.  I first met Mac during the … Read More

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A lesson from Our Lady in our use of social media.

My good friend, the Dean of Bexley, the PP of Blackfen, His Hermeneuticalness, Fr Timothy Finigan, has a good post useful for our reflection: The book of meditations which I am using at the moment looks at the person of … Read More

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Go to the blog of Mulier Fortis

Check out the blog of Mulier Fortis.  Something’s up. I am particularly happy to review her cats’ kill list.  

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Thinking “outside the box” in Blackfen

Over at Mulier Fortis place, there is a post about the angst, the deep frustration, of my friend the Parish Priest of Blackfen, Fr. Tim Finigan, His Hermeneuticalness himself. Apparently the Parochus Nigerpaludensis is struggling with the news that a … Read More

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A pesky problem with the older, traditional form of Holy Mass

I spotted this great quote at the blog of the Mulier Fortis, who frequently posts about her vermin killing cats (that’s vermin-killing cats… cats which kill vermin…). “Of course, just when you get a decent MC trained up, he leaves. … Read More

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