ACTION ITEM: Help a Catholic blogger colleague – UPDATED!

A long-time friend of this blog, whom I have also seen whenever I have visited London, the blogger of Mulier Fortis (aka Susan McLernon) needs a hand right now.  She has medical problems and financial stress.  I first met Mac during the tenure of the great Fr. Finigan when he was still the PP of Blacken and the legendary Dean of Bexley.   Mac, a school teacher, was one of the key volunteers who helped the parish become famous for reverent sacred worship and decorum.   She was also a great help when Fr. Finigan was still in Margate.

The success of solid parishes depends on the hard work of good people who love the Church.

Let’s give Mac a lift.   Literally. One of her challenges is a problem with her car.  Now that I think about it, I recall that she gave me a lift a couple times to train stations when I was down from London for a visit.

There is a GoFundMe page to give her a lift.  Tell her Fr. Z sent you.


As of now, here is the progress.






Let’s stick together.

UPDATE 10 Feb 2020:

You did it!

You donors hit the mark and beyond.

However, I’ll bet that you all have the experience of overcoming one obstacle, and feeling a little relief, and then turning to all the other obstacles that you face simultaneously.

Would you consider, even though the goal was reached, sending Mac a little more?  If she was up against the wall with this car issue, I’ll bet there are other needs as well.

Just a thought for the beginning of your work week and your constant watch for the chance to perform works of mercy.

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  1. Dear Fr. Z. Thank you so much for this! Being on crutches and in severe pain means that, without the car, I’ll be practically housebound, so I am pretty desperate. The generosity of my fellow Catholics has been amazing, and, of course, I will do my utmost to pay it forward. I’m at about 70% of the total, so, God willing, I’ll be able to keep the car. Many thanks for the blogpost, and the shoutout on Twitter…

    [“Pay it forward”, I’ve always liked that image. I try to do that. People are so good to me. We have to close ranks and help each other out.]

  2. Thank you, yet again, dear Fr. Z – the total I was aiming for has been reached (and surpassed, actually!)

    I know how many very deserving causes there are out there, so, having smashed the target, please do find other causes to support – this blog, for example!

    I am just waiting for the funds to clear – this takes a while, apparently, but the car finance company are willing to wait until next week (and, DV, that should be ok) so the major panic is over. I’m not sure why the company were unwilling to accept my repayment offer, but it’ll be one thing I no longer have to worry about, and I can use the cash to pay it forward, as I promised.

    But so many people said they came from your blog, and I want to thank you for giving me a lift (so to speak!!)

    Prayers and God bless

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