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Norma Jean Coon: reconciled

Norma Jean Coon, who had been involved with some wymyn who think they can be pryssssts, Norma Jean Coon, who renounced her involvement with the same women, abjured her pretend ordination as a deacon, and sought reconciliation. She has an … Read More

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Dr. Peters, Fishwrap, and non-excommunications

I have written about the great example set by Norma Jean Coon, who has rejected all involvement in the whole ordination of women thing.  I have also written about the Fishwrap writing on Mrs. Coons. Now Canonical Defender has jumped … Read More

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Fishwrap finally reports on courageous Norma Jean Coon

Remember Norma Jean Coon?  She is the courageous woman who repudiated her simulated “ordination” in the wymynpryst thingie and has cut all her ties with the wymin, as she works with the CDF for the lifting of the excommunication she … Read More

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