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Save The Pizza – Save The World?

I’m unsure how to proceed with this.  My head tells me not to get involved, but my heart tells me otherwise. I heard recently a news story that the gummint idiots in New York City are trying to implement some … Read More

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A new rodentine challenger in Baltimore for that soft spot in our hearts

Remember “Pizza Rat“?   He lives in the imaginations so many of us as an icon of determination. There is a new rodentine challenger for that soft spot in our hearts. A rat runs through a FOX45 Baltimore Reporter’s live shot … Read More

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PIZZA RAT LIVES! The legend continues.

This one is especially for Fr RS who really liked the recent Grizzy Bear v SUV post. One of my urban heroes is dear old Pizza Rat. A New York City Subway rat hit pay dirt one day with a … Read More

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