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Google and ‘Crisis Pregnancy Center’ ads

The Left and entities that push evil agendas will increasingly use bullying tactics and threats to silence all opposition, especially concerning Faith and morals. From LifeSite: Planned Parenthood ad shows up prominently in Google search for ‘Crisis Pregnancy Center’ MOUNTAIN … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Geneflecting for Communion in 3rd trimester

From a reader: I attend a NO parish where the priest is working diligently to restore dignity and beauty to the Mass. We are blessed to have him. He encouraged the use of the veil when I (and another woman) … Read More

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Fetal cells integrate into a mother’s body with important positive effects.

For your Just Too Cool file. A reader sent me a link to an article about the integration of fetal cells into the mother’s body and vice versa.  The content of the article is excerpted from a book called Do … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Can a miscarriage be a sin?

From a reader: I was wondering if it was possible for a natural miscarriage to be a sin. The doctors couldn’t tell me why it happened, but statistically miscarriages are more likely when the mother is obese, as I am/was. … Read More

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