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Google Staff about SCOTUS Justice Kavanaugh: ‘F—. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL.’

I’m entirely convinced that this blog is badly treated by Google. From Newsbusters: Google Staff Reacts to Kavanaugh: ‘F—. YOU. ALL. TO. HELL.’ It’s hard to believe that people with political agendas are capable of building unbiased products. Google certainly … Read More

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Google doodle for D-Day…. Zip, Zilch, Niente, Rien, Nichts, Nichivo, Nada, Nihil, NOTHING

You know that Google on its main page changes its graphic “doodle” when important days or anniversaries come along, right?  When it is “National Vegan Soy Milk Drinker Day”, they honor … you know. Today, the 70th anniversary of one … Read More

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Google and ‘Crisis Pregnancy Center’ ads

The Left and entities that push evil agendas will increasingly use bullying tactics and threats to silence all opposition, especially concerning Faith and morals. From LifeSite: Planned Parenthood ad shows up prominently in Google search for ‘Crisis Pregnancy Center’ MOUNTAIN … Read More

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WDTPRS POLL: Social Networks and YOU

Please use the sharing buttons!  Thanks! I am curious about your use of “social networks” such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ just to name a few. Please choose your best answer and then (if you are registered here) leave a comment … Read More

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I, for one, will welcome our Skynet Overlords

Google will soon become self-aware, Skynet will arise, and we will be doomed either to a life in the Matrix and zooming around in ships chased by squidy-robots or being hunted down by terminators.  Either way, we need more ammo. … Read More

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For the readers: Google +

Okay… educate me and the readers. What is Google Plus about? I understand it is supposed to be an alternative to Facebook. What is this new thing from Skynet… er um…. you know what I mean.

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Google Translator v. Lame-Duck ICEL – COLLECT 27th Sunday

Google Translator has added Latin.  I am skeptical. That said. A reader sent this: Noting your skepticism about Google Translate’s addition of Latin, I have a suggestion: What if we tried a head-to-head comparison of Google Translate to the old … Read More

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Google Translate adds Latin translation tool

From The Daily Telegraph: Google launches Latin translation tool Google Translate, a service that can instantly translate entire web pages or chunks of text in to another language, has added Latin to its list. Google Translate supports more than 50 … Read More

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WDTPRS POLL: Help me out with these commercials

I liked a lot of the Super Bowl Commercials. On the frivolous side, I would have to say – for me – the Dorito Dog won. [flv]10_02_07_SuperBowl_Dorito_Dog.flv[/flv] But help me out.  Which of the following is the better commercial (yes, … Read More

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Thank you for your kind attention in this matter of … great… ehem….

Thanks to all of you who have signed up on the Google Thingy on the side bar.  I am still not sure what it does, other than let you know more quickly what is going on around here and who … Read More

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