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The Pope wants to hear from you. No. Really. He wants the “sensus fidelium”.

I haven’t followed the Pope’s South American trip, other than his statements about the “dumb” people and about a certain unpopular bishop. However, Ed Pentin – who is reliable – says that the Holy Father apparently wants to hear from … Read More

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Wherein homsexualist activist Jesuit Fr James Martin is schooled

Libs attempt to defend their dissent from doctrine – especially about morals (read: sex) – by claiming that the Church’s teachings have not be “received”.  That is, if a large number of people say they don’t agree with the Church … Read More

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Who are the “fideles” of McBrien’s “sensus fidelium”?

There they go again.   Aged McBrien, Richard, is defending the abortion performed at the Catholic hospital in Phoenix and rejecting the Church’s position about abortion as an evil meriting excommunication. First, I would remind McBrien that Bp. Olstead did … Read More

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Whatever happened to the “sensus fidelium” mania?

A reader sent this: We were in formation in the 80’s and 90’s and were constantly barraged with the "sensus fidelium"?  At every turn in pastoral theology, in liturgy, in moral theology, in Scripture in preaching in…. well…. just about … Read More

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