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29 August 1997 – Happy Birthday SKYNET!

I hope you realize that this is a subtle message never to attempt to delete my blog from your daily reading list.  

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Google doodle for D-Day…. Zip, Zilch, Niente, Rien, Nichts, Nichivo, Nada, Nihil, NOTHING

You know that Google on its main page changes its graphic “doodle” when important days or anniversaries come along, right?  When it is “National Vegan Soy Milk Drinker Day”, they honor … you know. Today, the 70th anniversary of one … Read More

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I, for one, will welcome our Skynet Overlords

Google will soon become self-aware, Skynet will arise, and we will be doomed either to a life in the Matrix and zooming around in ships chased by squidy-robots or being hunted down by terminators.  Either way, we need more ammo. … Read More

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For the readers: Google +

Okay… educate me and the readers. What is Google Plus about? I understand it is supposed to be an alternative to Facebook. What is this new thing from Skynet… er um…. you know what I mean.

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