For the readers: Google +

Okay… educate me and the readers.

What is Google Plus about?

I understand it is supposed to be an alternative to Facebook.

What is this new thing from Skynet… er um…. you know what I mean.

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  1. traditionalorganist says:

    Google Plus is basically a google version of Facebook. I am biased, but it is a lot cleaner and safer. It provides the ability to separate your “friends” into groups, so you don’t have to share something with all of them. The groups are called Circles, and people are easily dragged into whatever Circle(s) you chose. All pictures uploaded to Picasa can be linked to your plus account, making it easy to share pictures you’ve already uploaded. Anyways, it’s worth a try.

    Fr. Z, if you want to try it out, I believe you will need a gmail account. I would be happy to send you an invitation.

  2. wmeyer says:

    traditionalorganist, I thought invitations were closed? Or that they were not adding folks at this time, or whatever wording makes sense of it. ;) I’d love an invitation, in case they work….

  3. APX says:

    Does this work in conjunction with your Facebook friends? If your friends are on Facebook can you add them from that, or do they have to be on Google Plus?

  4. RCGuerilla says:

    I like the fact that people can be in more than one circle. For example, I live in Brazil. I can set up a group for “Catholics”. I can then sub-group them in English speaking, Spanish speaking, and Portuguese speaking. I can set up a circle called “Clergy”. I can break it out to US clergy and Brazil clergy. In some cases I have American priests who are in Brazil, or vice versa. Some things are of general interest, others only to a particular group. I can also post stuff about NASCAR or sports that the other groups may have no interest in seeing. Likewise, maybe NASCAR won’t want to hear about soccer or Church related posts.
    @wmeyer you have been sent an invite. @fatherz let me know if you would like one, i can send one as well. i would like to offer them (invites) to the clergy first, but no takers so far..

  5. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who envisions the rise of Skynet ……..

    @wmeyer: Yes, they seem to be doing the invitation for the beta process like was done for gmail in its early stages. There are ‘limited” invitations.

  6. wmeyer says:

    Thanks, folks. I received two invitations.

  7. RCGuerilla says:

    here is an online how to guide once you are signed up ..
    Google+ Tips and Tricks – Google Docs

  8. Cleaner, seems more secure, but who knows?

  9. Scott W. says:

    “The groups are called Circles, and people are easily dragged into whatever Circle(s) you chose”

    When I read that, I could picture this quote coming out of The Screwtape Letters. :)

  10. flyfree432 says:

    You do not need an invite anymore. Google+ is simply open to everyone. All you need is a Gmail account.

  11. chonak says:

    A friend looked at the Terms and Conditions and balked at clauses that appear to give Google the right to use your content and image forever, including giving your content to advertisers. Will users have to kvetch at Google to get the sort of privacy controls FB has, or are they already included?

  12. Arieh says:

    I don’t even think you need a gmail account. All you need is a Google Account, and a Google Account can be set up with any email address.

  13. Pachomius says:

    It’s like Facebook, but not Facebook. That, so far as I can tell, is it.

  14. MJ says:

    A friend looked at the Terms and Conditions and balked at clauses that appear to give Google the right to use your content and image forever, including giving your content to advertisers.

    Yikes. Facebook does the same thing. Can’t stand Facebook…looks like I won’t be using this new Google service either.

  15. tjrandall says:

    It definitely didn’t get much of a review at The Register. And the division between Facebook and Google continues to grow. Doesn’t sound like either one wants to be “friends”.

  16. Catholictothecore says:


    Thanks for the link to your website! I was never into this social media network craze. So no Facebook account for me and in all likelihood no Google+ account either. It’s absolutely mind-boggling to read the terms and conditions for using Google+.

  17. mshoe88 says:

    could someone send me an invite? im it’d be greatly appreciated! God bless

  18. isnowhere says:

    Much easier to control who see what posts than Facebook. You can be very public with your posts, or to specific groups, or to specific people. My personal opinion is that it is easier than Facebook. For example… here is my profile with public posts: Anon I have other post directed as followers who are interested in more specific topics.

  19. Tim C. says:

    The thing about the terms and conditions is that it’s like anything else on the internet: just don’t put anything you’re not comfortable having disseminated onto the site. Also, those terms are used by lots of companies because they are necessary to allow the transmission of certain functionalities (usually photos, as I recall) without violating the TOS.

  20. All I want to know is….. has John Connor been born……?

  21. Margaret says:

    @AuroraChristina– I’ve always held Terminator to be a pro-life movie at heart. The whole premise hinges on one unborn child’s life being SO important as to change the course of history.

    Back in the day I used to argue (unsuccessfully) every year that the campus Pro-Life group should sponsor a Terminator screening right at the end of spring finals. We showed “It’s a Wonderful Life” right before Christmas– why not Terminator in the spring? :)

  22. joecct77 says:

    Circles??? Dante would be having a field day.

  23. I recommend reading iPadre’s post before diving in. At least be aware.

  24. Tina in Ashburn says:

    HELLOOOO!! You can create Friend Lists in Facebook and publish only to chosen groups whenever you want. Just use the little lock thingy next to the Publish or Share button. From there you can identify friends by name, or by your Friend Lists. You can also use it to exclude Friends from seeing your posts. [Go to Account> Edit Friends to create a List.]

    You can also publish to the world by choosing Everyone, which means even those you aren’t friends with.

    Click the lock and hit ‘Customize’.

    So, ‘Circles’ is NOT a differentiator with Google+. I don’t use it [yet] and need to read more about it.

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