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CHRISTMASCAzT 2023 – 27 – St. Thomas of Canterbury: A Sermon

A series of 5 minute daily podcasts for Advent and Christmas 2023. It’s a 7 minute, rather than 5 minute podcast this time. Today, we hear the Christmas Day Sermon by Archbishop Thomas from T.S. Eliot’s Murder In The Cathedral. … Read More

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Pres. @realDonaldTrump ‘s Proclamation on 850th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Saint Thomas Becket

Pres. Trump issued a proclamation for the 850th anniversary of the Martyrdom of St. Thomas Becket.  Note, that in this proclamation, Pres. Trump mentions Card. Zen and the plight of Christians under the Communists.  WhiteHouse.gov Proclamation on 850th Anniversary of … Read More

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Historic chasuble rediviva

A priest friend sent photos of a chasuble he initiated at Gammarelli in Rome.  It is inspired by the chasuble of St. Thomas Becket. The fabric is cut and it is ready to be sewn.  

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Can you imagine bishops doing something like this today?

Can you imagine more than a handful of bishops today doing something like this? In the days of the King’s Great Matter, only one bishop in England stood fast. Today at The Catholic Thing, Nicholas Senz has a good piece … Read More

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The “Unfinished Vespers” of St. Thomas Becket – 1170

For St. Thomas Becket. A reader – who picked this up from Jeffrey Morse – writes: More bloodshed remembered on this 5th day of Christmas- St Thomas (Becket) of Canterbury- murdered in his Cathedral during the singing of Vespers on … Read More

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WAY Too Cool! St. Thomas Becket’s prayer book

From The Guardian: Thomas Becket’s personal book of psalms ‘found in Cambridge library’ Historian claims the Psalter is ‘undoubtedly’ the property of martyred saint, and that he may have been holding it when he was murdered A Cambridge academic believes … Read More

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