Historic chasuble rediviva

A priest friend sent photos of a chasuble he initiated at Gammarelli in Rome.  It is inspired by the chasuble of St. Thomas Becket.

The fabric is cut and it is ready to be sewn.


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  1. This is just a question, not a comment. The Becket chasuble was a modified “conical” chasuble (as can be seen in the photo of the original in Fermo). Is it just the way the new one is folded or is it to be cut back into a fiddleback?

    One of the interesting features of the Becket chasuble is that it includes Islamic needlework, including praises of “Allah the merciful,” etc.

  2. Sorry. The Becket chasuble shown is that of Sens, not Fermo. The Sens one does not have the Islamic needlework. But it is a modified conical.

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    Very interesting indeed. Thank you, Father. A post from NLM gives more info on the vestments of St. Thomas:


    Including his maniple. Do wear one, Fathers ;-)

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

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    Susan from the parish council disapproves.

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