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IMPORTANT: Bp. Schneider’s new catechism. Wherein Fr. Z presents and rants about what’s going on.

Before anything else, again and again I get questions like: “Things are going badly.  I feel like I have to do something, but I feel helpless.  I don’t have any power to stop what is going on.  What can I … Read More

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Francis talks about globalization of education, “new humanism”, attacks “guardians of tradition”, gets Aeneas wrong.

Above… Aeneas rescuing his family (not so much his wife) and household gods from the sack of Troy.  Leonello Spada Who was Vincent of Lérins?  He was a Gaul and writer who died about 445.  His work Commonitorium is a … Read More

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“Whatsoever new and unheard-of doctrine you shall find to have been furtively introduced” is “permitted as a trial”.

When confusing things happen that leave people upset, legitimately, I have often written that that we should stay calm.   This is for several reasons. Each horrid thing that clerics do or strange thing they say is further proof that this … Read More

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