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Development of Doctrine? Fr. Hunwicke breaks it down barney style.

Fr. Hunwicke, at his esteemed page, has a cold look at what “development of doctrine” might mean over the last few years.   Accepting, of course, that doctrine can develop, one can ask the question: how much time does it take? How … Read More

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“Whatsoever new and unheard-of doctrine you shall find to have been furtively introduced” is “permitted as a trial”.

When confusing things happen that leave people upset, legitimately, I have often written that that we should stay calm.   This is for several reasons. Each horrid thing that clerics do or strange thing they say is further proof that this … Read More

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Pope Francis changed the Catechism about the death penalty. What next? Wherein Fr. Z opines.

I wonder if the recent move of the Holy Father to change the text – the teaching of the Church – of the paragraph in the Catechism of the Catholic Church about the death penalty will generate enough buzz to … Read More

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Francis: “What I ask you is to read the presentation of the document made by Cardinal Schonborn.” Okay, Your Holiness, we’ll do that.

Pope Francis told journalists during the airplane presser on his return to Rome from Lesbos that to understand the controversial bit in Amoris laetitia Infamous Footnote 351 we should have recourse to Card. Schönborn’s address at the presentation of the Post-Synodal Exhortation on 8 … Read More

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The Death Penalty – being “vindictive” in the Church’s Magisterium

Fr. George Rutler has a fascinating and mind-concentrating bit at the site of Crisis.  I hope it will encourage both you and others.   Go check out Crisis for sure, but lest anyone in laziness not click over there, here is … Read More

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