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Tinkering with hymns = avoidable disaster

My old pastor used to lament both the deeply awful translations of Scripture used at Mass and changes to standard, traditional hymns. As Christmas rolled around each year he would line both up and say, “Imagine singing, ‘Away In A … Read More

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Why we Say The Black and Do The Red

Let us begin with an understatement. The revitalization of our Catholic identity will be an opus magnum et arduum. Most of us reading this will not see but the first fruits. We have to be smart and persistent, using all … Read More

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Nativity scenes and tinkeritis

There’s tinkeritis with liturgy and tinkeritis with creches.  They seem to be symptoms of the same mental, spiritual malady.   Is it hubris? What is it with the desire to tinker with Nativity scenes? I fully understand the desire and … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Is the TLM / Usus Antiquior dead? Forever stuck in 1962?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: In thinking about Benedict XVI’s teaching on the liturgy it wondered me if the TLM/Usus antiquior is a dead liturgy per se? If liturgy ought to grow (be reformed?) *organically* (as opposed to post-Vatican II “reform”), is the Tridentine … Read More

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When Tinkeritis STRIKES!

The Knights of Columbus have replaced their Fourth Degree uniforms.  I’ll admit that it might have been time to change a few things.  However, what they did was, frankly, hard to explain.  Their new look is that of an prep … Read More

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Concerning some bad ideas about how to “enrich” the traditional, Extraordinary Form

UPDATE: Another reaction at NLM. UPDATE: Be sure to read a response posted at CWR by a priest who wrote his thesis on Universae Ecclesiae.  HERE   ___ Originally Published on: Feb 8, 2017 ___ When I was around the Pontifical Commission … Read More

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