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Tinkering with hymns = avoidable disaster

My old pastor used to lament both the deeply awful translations of Scripture used at Mass and changes to standard, traditional hymns. As Christmas rolled around each year he would line both up and say, “Imagine singing, ‘Away In A … Read More

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“When ‘Guitar Masses’ became a chew toy between traditionalists and progressives

There is a smart and well-written article at The American Spectator on liturgical music by Patrick O’Hannigan, whom I have mentioned before. The piece is longish, so here are a few bits to whet your appetite. Can Liturgical Music Be … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Is it okay for people to listen to music rather than always to sing everything during Mass?

From a priest: Is it against the mind of the Church when a choir alone sings a hymn at the offertory and preparation of the gifts or are the people supposed to sing along as well? No, it is not … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Hymns at Low Mass (Extraordinary Form)

I am focused on a myriad of things at the moment, and so I will open this to the readership to obtain sound and documented answers to this priest’s questions about the Extraordinary Form. Note that there are two issues. … Read More

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QUAERITUR: Why is Gregorian chant better than “Gather Us In?”

From a reader: Forgive me my ignorance – I am a relatively new Catholic, coming from the Methodist tradition. Why is Gregorian Chant more appropriate for Mass than “Gather Us In?” I like “Gather Us In.” It is singable even … Read More

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A citation concerning the use of hymns at Mass

This citation from NLM is really useful. Bugnini’s own Consilium in 1969 offered the following instruction, consistent with the Vatican II emphasis on chant over vernacular hymnody. As printed in 1 Notitiae, 5 (1969), p. 406 That rule [permitting vernacular … Read More

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Hymns versus the actual antiphons designated for Mass in the Roman Rite

There has been some discussion here of late about the Introit v. hymn debate, as well as the general issue of the use of hymns at Mass instead of the actual antiphons designated by Holy Church for use each day. … Read More

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