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The Philippines: Priests or Phoenixes? YES!

A friend and reader sent me a note: Peter Ayaso and his class will still be ordained next Friday, the 25th of Nov. IN THE CATHEDRAL!!! He writes: You’re all invited still to my ordination to the priesthood on Nov. … Read More

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PHILIPPINES: “Spiritual Marines”, priests, arrive to help the living and the dead

From the Canadian Catholic Register: ‘Spiritual Marines’ head to Tacloban to bless bodies after typhoon MANILA, Philippines – After days of watching televised scenes of dead bodies scattered around Tacloban, Order of Augustinian Recollect members organized a group of priests … Read More

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The Philippines: typhoon aftermath getting worse

Again, I ask you – dear readers – do you have a plan?  Do you have some kind of plan, even a slim one, if your area floods or there is a freight train wreck with some lethal chemical or … Read More

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“People are walking like zombies looking for food. It’s like a movie…. It’s like the end of the world.”

I can hear it already: “There’s goes crazy ol’ Father Z again! Every time there is a big disaster, he posts about prepping!” That’s right. That’s because it could happen to you. Natural disasters happen. Man made disasters happen. They … Read More

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The Philippines: vast super typhoon, devastation, death

A massive storm has devastated the Philippines. Thousands are dead.  Some 10,000 are dead.  Who knows how many are injured and displaced. I will say Mass for the dead from the storm tomorrow, Monday.  I am sure you will join … Read More

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