The Philippines: Priests or Phoenixes? YES!

A friend and reader sent me a note:

Peter Ayaso and his class will still be ordained next Friday, the 25th of Nov. IN THE CATHEDRAL!!! He writes:

You’re all invited still to my ordination to the priesthood on Nov. 25, 9am at the Palo Metropolitan Cathedral. on this day the heavens will be upon us (literally! since the cathedral has no roof). i’ll be going back to palo this coming friday.

What’s up with this, you might be asking?

Palo is near Tacloban!

Priests are inseparable from the life of the Church. No priests, no Sacrifice. No Sacrifice, no Eucharist, no Church. I can’t think of a more appropriate way to begin rebuilding the cathedral than an ordination.

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  1. Sonshine135 says:

    Amen! Blessings be upon him and all of those to be newly ordained.

  2. Eliane says:

    Speaking of the Philippines, I was very happy to see that the SSPX has taken leadership in rendering humanitarian assistance. The following message is being circulated among the EF community via email. Pope Francis ought to give them recognition.

    “From Calinan Farm, Davao, South Philippines
    Notes from the Typhoon Rescue Operation
    By Father Couture
    November 15, 2013
    On Monday Nov. 11, plans being to be made to do something immediately for the Tacloban disaster, and
    especially for our people affected by the Typhoon Yolanda. Access to the island of Leyte seems
    impossible, by air or by boat. Donations are starting to arrive, encouraging us even more to do
    something. On Tuesday, Fr Ghela flies to Cebu from Manila (one hour South East): from there he will try
    to organize a shipment of some goods, especially diesel, by boat. Fr Tim Pfeiffer, in Davao, in the evening
    of the same day buys 30 sacks of rice (1.5 ton) and plans a bus departure for the next morning with a few
    young men. It is a 24 hour trip by bus (due North) to the city of Ormoc, via Surrigao. From Ormoc (West
    of Tacloban), which will be our base, where the two priests will meet, supplies will be brought to
    Tacloban, by Divine Providence…
    Wednesday Nov. 13, evening
    Fr Albert Ghela to Fr Couture: I am in Cebu, trying to organize the shipment. The ferry company said it
    would take us free of charge. Diesel is the most important: in Ormoc it has skyrocketed from 30
    pesos/liter to 300 p/l ! Our car in Tacloban has been found and is still in good condition, thanks be to
    God. Half a tank of fuel left. The faithful are using it to get food. No faithful has died!
    Fr. Tim to Fr Couture, 9 pm: Just arrived in Surrigao. Bus can actually reach Tacloban by 3 am. I have
    taken 20 sacks of rice. 10 will follow with other lad in 12 hours. Problem to store them in Tacloban.
    I hear there are riots in Tacloban and looting, also in Ormoc. Will try to store them at the bus terminal.
    What about the ‘nerve of the war’ ?
    Fr DC to Fr TP: Look for the faithful. We need to bring them to Ormoc or Baybay. So far about USD
    $10,000 in donations have arrived. God is good!
    Thursday Nov. 14, mid-day
    Fr TP to Fr DC: I am here in Tacloban. Fr AG’s plan is to pull out our remaining people out to Baybay, 2
    hours away. We arrived at 5 am, stored 11 bags of rice at PNP (Phil. National Police) camp, 7 sacks in
    guarded house near Terminal. We distributed 7 bags of rice. Work has to be done quickly or the crowd
    start gathering up making operation impossible. Trying to collect what rice we can to carry to Baybay.
    People in fear, next door 3 rapes, armed men raid at night. NPA (note: communist guerilla) in from hills
    for supplies. Military not super present.
    Fr TP to Fr DC: We distributed 20 sacks of rice and rice cooking pots from 2 depots. 8 sacks dropped in
    Yard near PNP Camp. Fr AG driving hither and yon in Baybay 2.5 hours away.
    Fr DC: Deo gratias…
    PS To all readers: we also have a paypal”

  3. Priam1184 says:

    I don’t know what it looked like before the storm but, from the photo you posted, the altar area seems to have stayed remarkably intact.

  4. Uxixu says:

    Beautiful altar area.

  5. Wow. You know it continues to amaze me … how Churches are highly damaged in natural disasters, and yet their altars remain intact … as if Christ has divinely intervened to allow for Mass to still be celebrated there.

    Speaking of Mass …. it appears the N.O. altar is gone and only the High altar for the EF with its beautiful reredos remains. Coincidence? (I think Not ????)

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