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ASK FATHER: Baptism by immersion but water didn’t touch the head

From a reader… QUAERITUR: I recently witnessed a baptism by immersion. As each person of the Most Holy Trinity was invoked, the baby was dipped into the water except for the head. Then, after the third immersion, the priest also … Read More

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ANOTHER priest with an invalid baptism. Fathers! Review the videos of your baptism! ACTION ITEM!

You old-timers here known that for years… going on decades now… I have RAILED against priests who take it on themselves to change the words of the sacred liturgy, especially in significant moments such as during the FORM of sacraments. … Read More

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How stupid are things getting in this time of Coronavirus, you ask?

How stupid are things getting in this time of coronavirus, you ask? Here are a couple of examples. How NOT to do things. Concelebration. This is wrong is so many ways. Not that this nitwit doesn’t have a paten with … Read More

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