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REVIEW: The Nightingale – Wherein Fr. Z suggests good movies

I’m a fan of Chinese cinema. I’m sort of a fan of French cinema.  With the help of Netflix today, to the accompaniment of stir fried pork and vegetables I watched a Chinese-French film (in China, on Chinese themes, by … Read More

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A great Chinese movie

I am a fan of good new Chinese cinema and one of my favorite directors in the genre is Zhang Yimou. Last night I rewatched, after quite some time, his uplifting movie To Live, based on the depressing but striking … Read More

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Be glad you live where you live (most of you, that is)

I read at BBC, that my favorite Chinese film director, Zhang Yimou, has been fined for having too many children. China fines Zhang Yimou $1.2m over one-child policy breach China has fined popular film director Zhang Yimou more than one … Read More

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Noodle preparation fun!

I am a fan of the films of Zhang Yimou.   Tonight I saw A Woman, A Gun, And A Noodle Shop (三槍拍案驚奇 Sānqiāng Pāi’àn Jīngqí). This is a surreal Chinese re-imagining of Blood Simple. Strange but intriguing.  Like some of Yimou’s other … Read More

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CH: China awaits its Waugh

The full, online, digital edition of the UK’s best Catholic weekly, The Catholic Herald, has some excellent pieces this week.  I found this one particularly engaging, giving my penchant for Chinese cinema. You can subscribe to the digital, full-edition of … Read More

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An upcoming film about a Catholic priest during the “Rape of Nanjing”

Via CMR I read this: This looks pretty interesting. MTV reports: Bale will headline “Nanjing Heroes,” a period drama about the Massacre of Nanjing, also known as the”Rape of Nanking, from award-winning Chinese filmmaker Zhang Youmi [Zhang Yimou] (“Hero,” “Raise … Read More

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