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Z-Cam and Radio Sabina: update

The Z-Cam will be mostly but not entirely offline for a few days.

In the meantime, I will be, Deo volente, in the Twin Cities this weekend and will be celebrant for the 8:00 am sung Latin Mass on Saturday and the 10:00 Latin High Mass on Sunday, both at St. Agnes in St. Paul. Continue reading

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“How do you solve a problem like Milingooooo?”

Frequent poster and old friend Tim Ferguson, noted writer of brilliant parody lyrics (who authored inter alia "O Come, O Come, Liturgical Blue") has given us his newest on the problem of Milingo: Here we go.  It is to the … Continue reading


RIP, Sr. Leonella Sgorbati

Shot by an Islamic attacker in the back while praying.

As she died, she asked to to forgive the one who killed her. Continue reading

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Hot cup o’ joe

Every once in a while someone sends a nice little perk of appreciation in the form of a gift card to useful stores or some e-mail/internet equivalent. So to the person who sent me the Starbuck’s card, thanks. I am … Continue reading

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What did the Pope really say?

Today in his General Audience address, the Holy Father spoke yet again about the reactions raised by his Regensburg Address.  Here is the principle point (my emhpasis): “I trust, therefore, that following the initial reactions, my words at the University … Continue reading

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My Roman neighborhood: Sant’Eustachio

I live in the Sant’Eustachio area of the ancient center of Rome. I thought on his feast day you might like to see a few photos: Here is a view of the church named for this saint. It is a … Continue reading

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The Roman Martyrology and The Roman Martyrology

  Over at Argent we find a blurb about Sant’Eustachio (St. Eustace) and companions from, as he writes, The Roman Martyrology.  Here is his offering: From the Roman Martyrology: At Rome, the holy martyrs Eustace, and Theopistes, his wife, with … Continue reading

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Marian apparitions

While I read with interest and devotion those things about Marian apparitions which receive formal approval of Holy Mother Church, I don’t spend a great deal of energy on Marian apparitions. Today, however, we observe the the Feast of Our … Continue reading

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WDTPRS and Diocese of Knoxville

A tip of the biretta is owed to frequent participant Henry    o{]:¬)   for the news that WDTPRS is quoted on the site of the Diocese of Knoxville, where His Excellency Bishop Joseph E. Kurtz is laboring in the Lord’s vineyard.  … Continue reading

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The WSJ gets it right about Pope Benedict

In today’s Opinion Journal/Wall Street Journal online there is a featured article, free to read. It is worth a few minutes of your time. Here is an excerpt (my emphasis): In Christianity, God is inseparable from reason. "In the beginning … Continue reading

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