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Everyone…. RUSH over to Vultus Christi for a great shot of St. Gregory!

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3 September: St. Gregory I, “the Great”

In the newer calendar today is the feast of St. Pope Gregory the Great. Here is this Pope’s entry in the Roman Martyrology. There might be a slight flaw in the Latin text. Can you find it? Memoria sancti Gregorii … Continue reading

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Purple fruits of Sabine Labor Day

Here at The Sabine Farm it is Labor Day, though every day is a day of labor at The Sabine Farm. Today I share with you readers the purple fruits of the place. Here are some grape bunches.  It wouldn’t … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS: The Pope’s LUNCH menu in Loretto

This is in from Apcom and Curiosità su Papa Ratzinger – Benedetto XVI PAPA/ PRANZO MARGHIGHIANO CON CIAUSCOLO, ROSSO ‘KOMAROS’ E PASSITOAntipasto di salumi,penne,filetto,crema di riso il menù di Loreto Loreto (Ancona), 2 set. (Apcom) – Antipasto all’italiana, penne al … Continue reading

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An apology to the whole world for this episode, brought to you by the US education system

I got this from The Crescat…  o{]:¬)  (I am not sure if she visits here, but I link to her on the sidebar too … you should check out that funny blog!).  This sad little video… well… sorry about this, … Continue reading

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Spaghetti monster price rises

My friend Zadok is at work, warning us about the imminent parousia!  To him I tip my biretta,… o{]:¬)  while there is still time. Here is the article Zadok points us to. My emphases and comments. Angry Italians to go … Continue reading

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