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More ad orientem joy!

One the most damaging “reforms” implemented after the Council, founded on the excuse of poor scholarship, false archeologizing, and the “spirit of the Council”, is the so-called turned around altar for Mass “facing the people”, versus populum. This certainly was … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: “novus ordo” vestments without orphreys for TLM

A question came by e-mail: Dear Fr Z, I am hoping you can help me with a question about vestments.  Is it permissible for priests praying the Extraordinary Form of the Mass to wear "novus ordo" vestments, i.e., Gothic style WITHOUT … Continue reading

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Baker, OR: Bp. Vasa – forceful statement about Pelosi’s persistent errors on life

In The Catholic Sentinel His Excellency Most Reverend Robert Vasa, Bishop of Baker, Oregon, has interesting comments in the wake of the erroneous remarks of Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Meet The Press about the beginning of human life and the … Continue reading

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The Times: a force to be reckoned with … and more

Here is an interesting opinion piece from The Times. This is a fascinating bit of writing with provocative insights.  Not the usual blather I have been scanning. My emphases and comments. September 5, 2008 Sarah Palin: it’s go west, towards … Continue reading

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Alaska and Summorum Pontificum

I know Alaska is very much in the public eye right now, but here is a different angle. I received a notice by e-mail about photos from Summorum Pontificum Alaska: With special thanks to Archbishop Roger L. Schwietz, OMI, the … Continue reading

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Speaker Pelosi’s bishop now speaks

UPDATE 15:49 GMT 5 Sept: American Papist has a fascinating observation: AmP reader Desiderius asks: "Note the Abp’s message was printed simultaneously in The Tidings (Los Angeles), obviously [well, reasonably – AmP] a coordinated effort. Might one conclude this suffices … Continue reading

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