Daily Archives: 13 September 2008

An urban surprise

On my way home tonight, I saw something a little odd. "Wow, Father… fascinating.  An empty street.  What a find!" Take a closer look. Meet the sly urban fox.

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Just a famous building

You all know this one.

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This place reminds me of someone who had a birthday a while back.

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China Town

On the move looking for a snack. I watched a couple old fellas playing Chinese chess for a while. Got a pork bun from a vendor.

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A quick break on the way

Thirsty. Since I found a hot spot I thought I would post some local color.

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I spent a poirtion of the day in the British Museum. There is a very good exhibit on Hadrian (and we must forget Sabina!). I enjoyed the controversial “marbles”. Now it is off to other adventures!

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Benedict XVI about Summorum Pontificum en route to France

I read this in ZENIT.  Usually the transcripts of the actual questions and answers are eventually released. It sounds as if the Pope might have been dealing with a question that was a bit polemical, but we’ll see. My first … Continue reading

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