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Fr. Z now in Roma for a few days

Folks: A couple notes. You can always tell when you are back in Roma.  The first thing that happened tonight is that a cabbie tried to rip me off.  Boy, did he make a mistake.  I explained the situation and … Continue reading

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Vespers at Brompton Oratory and some thoughts

Yesterday I participated at Vespers at the Brompton Oratory in choro.  My, they are precise around the place, I can tell you. The psalms are sung, as pretty much everything Gregorian as I can tell, with organ accompaniment.  That has … Continue reading

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Reminder: The Five Rules of Engagement

One year after its going into effect, here is a little reminder about how to engage the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum. Let us keep in mind that the Holy Father is still teaching bishops what this document is all about … Continue reading

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Dude! Totally tubular!

His Hermeneuticalness is teasing me a little, I think. This is a snip from what he posted over at his tubular place: Fr Zuhlsdorf is in England and has managed to get on that interweb thingy by borrowing some of … Continue reading

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Benedict XVI to French Bishops on TLM and Summorum Pontificum

Our friends at Rorate helpfully posted the following.  Pope Benedict XVI spoke to the French bishops on 14 September, which coincidentally the 1st anniversary of Summorum Pontificum coming into force. Let us have a look at the pertinent text with … Continue reading

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John L Allen on Benedict XVI speaking about Summorum Pontificum

My friend John L Allen, always insightful, the nearly ubiquitous, fair-minding, former Rome correspondent for the ultra-left leaning, often dissident, National Catholic Reporter has something to say about the interview with Pope Benedict on the way to France. On the … Continue reading

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Denver: 1st TLM in Cathedral in 40 years

From a reader: Father: Here are pictures from the Solemn High Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, in Denver Colorado. 630 people was the unofficial count of attendees. I will put more up on our website on … Continue reading

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Raleigh, NC: Bp. Burbidge – “I remain committed to the vision of our Holy Father”

From a reader: Fr. Z – our Bishop Michael Burbidge continues to be a blessing to his flock, keeping the Holy Father’s "Marshall Plan" always before us, thank God.  See the Bishop’s letter on the anniversary of the Summorum Pontificum, … Continue reading

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“Let’s imagine that it’s 1942”

I usually try to read Fr. George Welzbacher’s "Pastor’s Page" on the website of St. John’s Church in St. Paul, MN.   Fr. W has unerringly astute political insights. Here is this last Sunday’s, 14 September, which has an interesting analogy: … Continue reading

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Why we need a Pope Benedict’s Marshall Plan

Another reason why we need Summorum Pontificum and a revival of the Roman Rite:

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