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An afternoon trip

This afternoon, after consuming some fish curry, and working on my article for The Wanderer, I went off to the Imprrial War Museum. Very well designed and interesting.
Then into the centro… What do Londoners call the center … … Continue reading

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If you are wondering what to give a more “traditional” priest

I received word that the 1952 edition of the Rituale Romanum is being sold in a so-called "study edition".  This is the edition in use at the time of the Vatican Council.  It is, … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: servers using clerical collars

A question came from a reader:
Is it permissible for non-seminarian (male) altar servers to wear the Roman Collar whilst serving the altar?  I’ve heard a lot and read a lot of conflicting reports.  Besides aesthetics, MAY they wear the Collar?  … Continue reading

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D. of Venice in Florida: Personal Parish for TLM

I received this new via e-mail:
Bishop Dewane Gives First Church in Florida for Exclusive Use of the Latin Mass  His Excellency Bishop Frank Dewane announced today that the Diocese of Venice in Florida has purchased a church for the exclusive … Continue reading

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… all things being equal…

From Astronomy Pic of the Day:

Today is an equinox, a date when day and night are equal. Tomorrow, and every day until the next equinox, the night will be longer than the day in … Continue reading

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