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D. of Venice: Extraordinary Use parish

Some TLM news: Bishop Dewane Gives First Church in Florida for Exclusive Use of the Latin Mass His Excellency Bishop Frank Dewane announced today that the Diocese of Venice in Florida has purchased a church for the exclusive use of the … Continue reading

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Last meal in town

A last bite to eat, again in Chinatown, before heading home to pack! Tomorrow I depart this “sceptered isle” for the “land of the free and the home of the brave”.

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The Tower

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Fur furious

I had to wait at the DLR for nearly 30 minutes for a train running every 3 because a DOG was in the tunnel and had to be removed. I suspect this means I will miss the last entrance to … Continue reading

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Time for Time

My visit to see time was great! I have been interested in clocks and the history of the Royal Navy for years. This it was avrral pleasure to visit the Nrlson displays in the Maritime Museum and then go to … Continue reading

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Maritime Museum

I am on my way to the Maritime Museum now. It is a beautiful sunny day! A view from the upper deck of the bus and nearby tube station.

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Catholic Times (UK): Paul VI & Bugnini: no one more “pastorally sensitive” about TLM

The recent number of The Catholic Times, (21 Sept, p. 9) an English weekly, has one of the dumbest articles about Pope Benedict’s Summorum Pontificum I have read to date. It was written by one Msgr. Basil Loftus, whom I … Continue reading

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