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NCReg: formal statement coming on proposals by the CDWDS plenary

Remember how once the intrepid vaticanista Andrea Tornielli posted about the proposals of the plenary session of the Congregation for Divine Worship, the Holy See Press Office issued its non-denial denials? Tornielli said that the members of the Congregation were … Continue reading

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The Holy See’s team for the SSPX talks?

Our friends at Rorate found a story which seems to report the names of the theologians who will represent the Holy See in the theological talks with the SSPX. Vatican names chosen? According to French Vaticanista blog Osservatore Vaticano (followed … Continue reading

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Some blog server problems

Today we have been trying to tidy up a few glitches with the speed of the blog.  Apparently there are a couple sites out that which have, on every page load, bring up lots of sites.  Thus, when people look … Continue reading

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ND’s McBrien: Eucharistic Adoration “is a doctrinal, theological, and spiritual step backward”

In many places where perpetual, or even frequent, Eucharistic Adoration has been made available, there have been great benefits. But Richard McBrien of Notre Dame is against Eucharist Adoration. In his latest piece for the dissenting, ultra-liberal National Catholic Reporter … Continue reading

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Want to use your phone in church? Think again!

Have you ever wished that your car had a phaser option?  That there was a trap door under the pulpit? A tip of the biretta to Mulier Fortis for the following. In the future there may be some serious penalties … Continue reading

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Internet distance learning in Aristotelean/Thomist philosophy

I had a note from some people who have started a great program, potentially very useful. What I was sent is too long to post, but here are a few items to let you know essentially what they are about. … Continue reading

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Save the Liturgy – Save the World… the coffee mug

Some people noticed my SAVE THE LITURGY SAVE THE WORLD coffee mug in another entry. So… by popular demand…  you can get your own! They are available through a Cafe Press store I set up.  I made a prototype but … Continue reading

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I mentioned “reparation” in my last PODCAzT

Then comes this. Here is the PODCAzT. 090 09-09-05 St. Leo on the beatitudes; the sacred, sacrilege and reparation

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Portland, ME: Staggeringly inept comments on the Pope’s Summorum Pontificum

We are coming up on the 2nd anniversary of the implementation of the Holy Father’s "emancipation proclamation" Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum.  You would that that, by now, enough time had passed for Holy Church’s shepherds to have at least sifted … Continue reading

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Diogene’s mordent commentary on the funeral of Sen. Kennedy

From Diogenes: Good morning, class. Today we’re going to see how well you understand what you read. Please read carefully through the blog post in which Cardinal O’Malley justifies his participation in the canonization funeral of Ted Kennedy. Then answer … Continue reading

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