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Before I make some plans for another PODCAzT, I thought I would remind you about the last two. 091 09-09-09 A hymn dissected "Te lucis ante terminum"; don Camillo (Part VI) 090 09-09-05 St. Leo on the beatitudes; the sacred, … Continue reading

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September Ember Day confusion

Some people think the Ember Days were last week. Some people think they are this week. In the different versions of the Ordo I have the September Ember Days beginning tomorrow. So… anyone? Usually the Ember Days follow the 3rd … Continue reading

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USCCB’s Social Justice Arm Caught Funding Pro-Abortion/Prostitution Groups

I had some notes from several people about the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. I found this story on LifeSiteNews.  I think you should go read it. Here are the briefest of excerpts of an article by Patrick B. Craine … Continue reading

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Space Weather News for Sept. 22, 2009http://spaceweather.com NEW SUNSPOTS: In a year when the sun has been utterly blank 80% of the time, the sudden emergence of two large sunspots in a single day is a noteworthy event. Today is … Continue reading

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Doug Kmiec, Attorney General for Wales… er um… Ambassdor to Malta

Remember Doug Kmiec?   He is the Catholic law prof who says that Catholics can vote for pro-abortion politicians. He is now a paid operative of the Obama Administration and drawing a check from the same as Ambassdor to Malta, perhaps … Continue reading

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This is one goofy cat

And now for something completely different. This is one goofy cat.

I dunno folks… but is it possible this critter was dropped on its head too many times? Corollary: Is it possible to drop cat on its head? Also: … Continue reading

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Archbp. Burke: no Communion or funerals for pro-abortion pols because of scandal

All during the controversy about Pres. Obama at Notre Dame and also the funeral for Sen. Kennedy I pounded at the issue of the scandal caused by these events, which could have been avoid. I didn’t object to the President … Continue reading

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Brick by brick in St. Louis

Pope Benedict’s vision, his "Marshall Plan", will not be implemented in a day or a year or even a few years.  But it is happening. This "Marshall Plan" revolves around a revitalization of Holy Church’s worship.  To this end, Pope … Continue reading

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Someone… please calm McBrien down before he hurts himself?

From his platform in Dissenters Weekly (aka NCR), Notre Dame’s Richard McBrien, professor of theology, attacks Pope Benedict’s liturgical vision.  My emphases and comments. Reversing the liturgical fieldby Richard McBrien on Sep. 21, 2009 Judging from the comments, some readers … Continue reading

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