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Connection of liturgical abuse and abuse of minors?

I read an interesting take today with a new view of a possible nexus of abuse of children by women religious and priests and, on the other hand liturgical abuse of congregations by women religious and priests. On the blog … Continue reading

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Whose feast today in the Roman Calendar?

According to the 2005 Martyrologium Romanum today is  … 1. Commemoratio sancti Iosue, filii Nun, servi Domini, qui, cum Moyses manus ei imposuisset, repletus est spiritu sapientiae et post Moysis mortem populum Israel per Iordanis alveum in terram promissionis mirabiliter … Continue reading

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A Mystic Monk Memo

While I was ordering some Mystic Monk Coffee for myself, I noticed that they sell large format bags of 5 lbs. This would be a good idea for rectories and religious houses or simply for all of you who consume … Continue reading

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An alternate altar design for Cofton Park

Thanks to the great Vincenzo, we can see how to rescue the design for the big Papal Mass at Cofton Park. For some background: WDTPRS POLL: sanctuary design for Pope Benedict’s visit to England UPDATE: 1 Sept 17:52 GMT: I … Continue reading

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A request to readers about a really bad liturgy book from the 60’s

A question to readers: Does anyone out there have a copy of that fons malorum, a book from the late 60’s … Hoey, Robert F., The experimental liturgy book / collected and edited by Robert F. Hoey.  —  [New York] … Continue reading

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What happens when you break one of those over-sized Hosts.

Over at southern orders I spotted an interesting post which reminded me of the famous Communion in the hand fragments posting here. My emphases and comments: Do you see the large fragment to the left of the large un-consecrated host–that’s … Continue reading

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From CMR comes this serious and disconcerting story.  Me emphases and comments: First it was contraception, then abortion. Now the Pope wants to ban something else…Vuvuzelas. [Picture me in my grief.] News reports indicate that Pope Benedict XVI, a former … Continue reading

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Archbp. of Westminister’s aide calls Britain ‘hedonistic wasteland…geopolitical epicentre of the culture of death’

UPDATE 2 Sept 1834 GMT: His Hermeneuticalness, Fr. Finigan, weighs in. ________ From The Guardian with my emphases and comments: Archbishop’s aide calls Britain a ‘hedonistic wasteland’ Riazat Butt, religous affairs correspondent 1 September 2010 12.02 BST The Roman Catholic … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: Swiss Eucharistic Prayer

From a reader: This morning at Mass the priest used the 3rd Swiss Eucharistic prayer.  Is that licit?  What are the other Eucharistic prayers that are allowed other than 1, 2, 3, and 4 and the one for Masses with … Continue reading

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QUAERITUR: self-communication from the chalice

From a reader: I have a question about self-communication. I was at a monastery this weekend for a retreat and a monks allowed the laity to receive the Chalice. How they did it was a bit odd though. A lay … Continue reading

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