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Observations about important CDF document on “Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons”

A priest friend sent me some notes in response to my posting HERE of the CDF’s 2003 document: Considerations Regarding Proposals to Give Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons.
His points are worth sharing.  I’ll edit a bit:
1. Saint Charles Lwanga and … Continue reading

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The problem is the inversion of “God is love” and “Love is God.”

I direct the readership to something I wrote before Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato si’ was released.  HERE  The Pope quotes St. Francis’ song here and there.  But let us not forget how the song ends.
My friend Fr. Rutler in NYC makes … Continue reading

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The encyclical ‘Laudato si” and “integral ecology”

Yesterday His Excellency Most Reverend Robert C. Morlino, the Extraordinary Ordinary of Madison, was on with a popular radio show host, Vicki McKenna – who really ought to have a national show! – to talk about Laudato si’.
Also, since Rush’s critical remarks about … Continue reading

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Laudato si’ – It is not healthy “to cancel out sexual difference”

The other day posted a piece about 11 good things in the Pope’s new encyclical, Laudato si’, which you will not see covered by the MSM.  I’m going through some of them.
The following is a paragraph that I knew about well-before the … Continue reading

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POLL: My plans for Pope Francis’ new encyclical ‘Laudato si”

A reader sent some questions for a poll.   Let’s see what the reaction is.
Yes, I know there are other possible answers, but choose the best here and then use the combox to explain.
Registered, approved users my post comments.
What I … Continue reading

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Laudato si’ 75 and 77 – Creation has a Creator

In another post I mentioned the Stream piece which points out 11 great moments in the new encyclical Laudato si’.
Here is one of the good moments.  Read:

(1) Creation has a Creator, and is more than just “nature-plus-evolution”:
(75) A spirituality which forgets God … Continue reading

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Good news about the new encyclical Laudato si’ – #PopeForPlanet

Before anything else… don’t just bash the new encyclical.   Some people are having full-fledged spittle-flecked nutties today.  I suspect that some of them are people who are happy only when they are unhappy.
Dear readers… take a deep breath.
There are … Continue reading

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One of Fr Z’s first reactions to the encyclical ‘Laudato si”

The Italian was leaked and now there is an English version out.  There are some good moments in it.  There’s something for everyone.
However, it’s pretty hard on free markets.  I don’t care much for that discussion.
So, here’s an initial approach… … Continue reading

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No Mercy for Magister

Yesterday I received a copy in Italian of the encyclical that has not yet been officially released, Laudato si’. It turns out that that copy was put on the interwebs by Sandro Magister, vaticanista. HERE
The Holy See’s spokesman Fr. Federico … Continue reading

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New encyclical leaked in Italian

I am reading the Pope’s new encyclical, Laudato si’, leaked in Italian. HERE
You might want to look at Andrea Gagliarduci’ Monday Vatican on this.  He makes the point that everyone will find what he wants in this encyclical… except maybe those … Continue reading

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