A word from the “Committee to Re-Elect the Pope”

I have been posting about Re-Electing Ratzinger as Pope.  In fact the “Committee to Re-Elect The Pope” issued bumper stickers and magnets, yard signs and buttons HERE.

We need a man who will stand in continuity with Benedict XVI in many important ways.

So, be sure to make a point about papal continuity and get your gear!

With affection and appreciation.

Click HERE for bumper stickers, car magnets, even yard signs and car flags.

And we have to have some Latin…

And just for nice…

and of course…

There are buttons and round magnets.

You can get them individually or in pack to hand out to friends.


I just received this:

Dear Father Z, We love our new Reelect Benedict car magnet!
Regarding the sticker, our middle son, Joseph (15 tomorrow) said, “I would be happy if that was all I got for my birthday.”

Joseph will be taking the name Benedict at his confirmation in May.

We don’t know how long the magnet will last in this neck of the woods!
(Our Catholics Come Home magnet was swiped!)

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