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EWTN INTERVIEW with Mitt Romney

Here is a transcript of the interview ETWN’s Raymond Arroyo did with presidential candidate Gov. Mitt Romney. Transcript of Selected Excerpts from Exclusive Mitt Romney Interview with Raymond Arroyo to air on The World Over Live on EWTN, Thursday, August … Continue reading

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Rep. Ryan to Catholics: act before religious freedoms are eroded

From CNA: Paul Ryan urges Catholics to act before religious freedoms erode Presumptive Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan says Catholics must act now to protect their right to religious freedom from being diminished in American society. “This is a … Continue reading

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Nifty! Virtual Vigil for Religious Liberty

Have you seen the Virtual Vigil for Religious Liberty? You can virtually attend a rally.  BUT… BUT… you have to PRAY too, right? Prayer for the Protection of Religious Liberty O God our Creator, through the power and working of your … Continue reading

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Good new TV spot defending Catholic religious liberty!

Sometimes while working I stream a TV news channel (or ball game) via my Sling Box (blessed are they who invented it) to one of my several monitors connected to the mothership. The audio is usually turned down, because TV … Continue reading

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Are you clear about what happened between Pres. Obama and the HHS mandate v. our first liberties?

The excellent Becket Fund for Religious Liberty has a great timeline on their site about the HHS mandate, along with a detailed list of plaintiffs against the Obama Administration. HHS Mandate Timeline: August, 2011, Federal government issues a regulation requiring that … Continue reading

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Mike Malloy (liberal radio talk-show host) calls Pope “Nazi scum” and all Catholics “child-raping sons of bitches”

Here is something I saw on CMR: Lib Radio Host: “Scum, Nazi Pope.” Remember when everyone in the media lit their torches and sharpened their pitchforks for Rush Limbaugh for calling a woman who wanted the Catholic Church to pay … Continue reading

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Anti-Catholic NPR show host mocks Benedict XVI at tax-payers expense

I saw this on NewsBusters: NPR Game Show Host Unloads the Pope Jokes, Starting with He’s a ‘Gay Icon’ By Tim Graham NPR’s weekend game show “Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me!” usually saves most of its topical humor for supposed … Continue reading

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Obama Admin to force a $1 abortion surcharge on your insurance payments

Pres. Obama lied to Card. Dolan.  Don’t forget that. Time and time again the White House makes sounds using words that, to reasonable, rational speakers of the English language mean one thing, but actually mean something else. Again, I come … Continue reading

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CL: Lefty “catholics” shilling for Pres. Obama

From The Catholic League: Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments as follows: The Catholic left is so deep in the tank for Obama that they are working publicly to undermine the bishops. First a little background.  [cf Magisterium of Nuns] … Continue reading

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HOUSTON 9 March: Mass and Prayer Rally during Pres. Obama’s campaign stop

I like this approach. The pro-abortion, pro-infantide, anti-Catholic, anti-1st Amendment Pres. Obama – about whose scantily documented past we really don’t know very much – will be in Houston… fund-raising on the pretext of doing something “presidential”. The Archdiocese, on the other … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews: anti-Catholic catholic

NBC oaf Chris Matthews, yes, the guy who experienced a thrill up his leg when he saw Pres. Obama, has this to say about Catholics and probably also Anglican/Episcopalian converts. From Newsbusters: Chris Matthews appeared at Ford’s Theater in Washington … Continue reading

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